What to do about the horrible Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2018

A very seriously flawed Bill is before the Victorian State Parliament as we post (1st June 2018)  to re arrange Victoria’s Electoral Act. It passed the Legislative Assembly on Thursday 24th May.

I will be posting for the next week at least (probably to be voted upon Thursday 7th June 2018 in the Legislative Council). See UPDATE below – now 19th June

If you find this Bill  stupid  write / email /phone your MP – especially your Legislative Councillors

– find them here >>  https://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/about/electorates


A Change.org petition has been started and you can support it –

“Stop the Victorian Government’s attempt to control political speech

and activity.”  >>  https://chn.ge/2soneEg

over 490 signatures so far !


The Bill can be downloaded here >>  Electoral-legislation-amendment-bill-2018  <<

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